Vic Román

I am an editorial portrait photographer living life's adventures one frame at a time. I am based out of Orlando,Florida



I got bit by the photo bug on a school trip to some historic sites in the island of Puerto Rico. It may also have been sparked by photos in magazines such as National Geographic . When i was a senior in High School I took a photo class but didnt do very well because of poverty. I could not afford all the materials needed. I did however manage to buy a Minolta Freedom 50 for the class thanks to my afternoon job as a bag boy. Now with camera in hand, I shot mostly the BMX life and the lifestyle and adventures around me at that time. In the mid 90's I got my first SLR ( a Ricoh KR-10 Super ), a job as a photo lab tech and off to commercial photography school it was.

Since then, I have worked for photo lab's, one "famous" photographer (Curt Littlecott) and on various occasions as a cheesy theme park photographer ( it got the bills paid ) . I at one time shot weddings but, today I enjoy shooting editorial work. Like many photographers, I like to use different types of camera formats (digital, 35mm, 120mm and Polaroid) to achieve what I am looking for.